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A brief Discussion on Lunch Boxes

What are Lunch Boxes? Lunch boxes are bags designed for packing lunch or snacks usually for work and school. Also called lunch kits, lunch boxes are commonly seen in schools where children pack their foods. Lunch boxes were brought into existence in 19th century.
How Lunch Boxes were Invented? A Lunch box is named such as it is actually a box that is used to pack a lunch. This was devised when laborers in ancient times are preoccupied on their workplaces, and there is not enough time to go back home and eat their meals. Before the creation of metal and plastic lunch boxes, foods are hoarded in handkerchiefs, paper bags or cellophane; although, some still make use of paper bags at present.
Earliest lunch boxes were metal pails and candy tins. The first character lunch box (a Mickey Mouse lunch box ) was created by Geuder, Paeschke and Frey in 1935. Lunch box with lithographic images began in 1953. Sales on lunch boxes spiked until it slowed down in 1970's.
What are the Different features of Lunch Boxes? Available in different colors and designs, lunch boxes can be a personal touch such as imprinting names on it. Lunch boxes are usually with handles or zipper and are made up of vinyl or plastic. They are mostly rectangular and canada goose online square in shape. At present, there are insulated lunch bags available for keeping foods warm until lunch, whilst some have gel packs where you can take some coolers such as yogurt and juices in school. In addition, innovative lunch boxes have been introduced to the market such as those lunch kits that can be stored directly in the freezer until it is ready for school and can preserve the coolness or coldness of food for about 10 hours!
Meanwhile, some people are fond of collecting lunch boxes as a form of pleasurable pastime. What are Eco-friendly Lunch Boxes? Eco-friendly lunch boxes are non-toxic, safe alternatives to plastic-made lunch boxes. On the other hand, a health concern that has risen about lunch boxes is the contention on vinyl lunch kits.
The center for Environmental Health found out the lead content of lunch boxes, not to mention those manufactured from China. From then on, lunch boxes today are screened and tested for lead and other harmful chemicals before they are marketed. Most of the lunch box manufacturers labelled their products with lead-free.

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